Music of the Month #01

Music plays a huge role in pretty much everything I do. It’s difficult for me to do anything without it. I find that it helps me focus. Listening to so much music means I get to discover so much new and unheard songs which I love! I felt it was a little unfair for me to keep all this awesome music to myself so each month I’ll be posting 20 new songs I discovered that month in no particular order.

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  1. Oh, Maker - Janelle Monáe
  2. Microlite - Trophy Wife
  3. Nakamarra - Hiatus Kaiyote
  4. Birds - Emiliana Torrini
  5. Nitesky ft. John LaMonica
  6. Hurricane - MS MR
  7. In My Ear - Pupkulies & Rebecca
  8. Howling - Frank Wiedemann, Ry
  9. A Love Like This (Hannes Fischer Remix) - Dems
  10. Fortyfive - Bootstraps
  11. Hold On - Alabama Shales
  12. Nothing Arrived - Villagers
  13. Steal My Sunshine - OUTERWAVES
  14. Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
  15. Lonely Town ft. Dirg Gergner - Falko, Dirg Gerner
  16. Up and Down - Chad Valley
  17. Island ft. Caro - Dapayk Padberg
  18. Crave You ft. Giselle - Flight Facility
  19. The Suburbs - Mr Little Jeans
  20. California Sunrise - Dirty Gold

Well, thats #1 done! If you liked any of the songs in the list, share and subscribe for later MotM posts.