2012 Was A Crazy Year For Me

2012 was a crazy year for me, a lot happened in such a small space of time. I think I did about 5 years of growing up in 1 year. So here’s my year in a short story.


I was studying Web Design & Technology at The University of Bradford and well frankly, I wasn’t really enjoying it. I felt like I wasn’t really challenging myself with the course I chose. I had been freelancing as a web designer for about a year or so before I started and problem was, I already knew a lot of what was being taught and a lot of it was outdated at times wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, University is great for the right person, I just think it wasn’t for me.

I actually left Uni in late 2011 with the intention of possibly returning a year later. This was after receiving a job offer through dribbble from a Web Agency based in Manchester called Mobedia.


Mobedia was my first real job and it had its ups and downs. Working at an agency is very different from freelancing. The first difference I noticed was the pace. The turn around was so quick, I just couldn’t keep up and I was really struggling but I kept pushing and pushing. Regardless of how hard my time at Mobedia was, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I met so many amazing people and learn so much, especaily from David Savage their Lead Designer.

I only spent 6 months at Mobedia but I know everything I learnt there helped me get to where I am right now, for that I’m super grateful!

Manchester ✈ Berlin

In March, I started a project called Halftime App: a dribbble client for OS X and I used 6Wunderkinder’s (at that time) newest app: Wunderkit, to organise the project with a developer from America and somehow the guys at 6Wunderkinder got wind of this. They saw my designs and decided to feature my workspace on Wunderkit. I was stunned and honoured! What came next was even crazier to me.

I then received an email and a tweet from Christian Reber (CEO) basically offering me a chance to join the 6Wunderkinder family. This was such a weird feeling because at that time, things weren’t going amazing at Mobedia and I was beginning to question my skills as a designer but on the other hand, I was being offered an amazing opportunity.

I saw this as a huge risk, not only was I quitting a job for another one but I was relocating to a different country. I was petrified, until I actually went over there!

I was able to fly out there for about a week to check it out and I loved it! I really felt at home and the anxiety I was having practically vanished! I took the job and on April 5th I became a Wunderkind and as they say, “the rest is history”.

I’m gonna fast forward a little here, I want to save my Berlin experience for separate posts. It’s way too long to fit in just one.

Wunderlist 2

Working on Wunderlist 2 has been so amazing! I was able to dip my creative fingers in many different pies. I got to work on the Mac App, iOS App, Website, API (I’m partially proud of this one considering I didn’t know what GitHub was about 2 months ago.) and other bits and bobs. I learnt so so much about user interface design & experience. It’s totally changed the way I design and think about design and it’s just the beginning. The launch of Wunderlist 2 was the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for and I want to thank 6Wunderkinder for that!

2012 was a crazy year for me, a lot happened in such a small space of time. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!