An Ode to Dribbble

I got invited to dribbble in August 2011 by Matthew Leak and It’s crazy to see how far I and the dribbblers I follow have come this past year, so here’s a short ode to dribbble.

For those of you who don’t know what Dribbble is shame on you! Here’s a small explanation:

Dribbble is a community of designers answering that question each day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots that show their work, process, and current projects.

Good Work, Nice Shot

Sharing small screenshots is just the tip of the iceberg. Dribbble also serves as a quick way to recieve feedback from thousands of other creatives around the world. This is awesome when the feedback is constructive but a lot of the time all you get is “Good Work” or “Nice Shot” and frankly, this is not useful to anyone. I think its time we became little more constructive with our feedback. How about taking and extra minute or two, really look at the shot and analyse it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying posting “Good Work” or “Nice Shot” is a bad thing but if we really want to help each other become better at what we do, contructive criticism is very important.

I Wish I Could Do That

Dribbble is also a great source of inspiration for me. Every single day I’m amazed by the work people produce and this is such a hugh motivator, it make me just want to open up Photoshop and give myself a challenge! I think we all feel this way right?

I recently started shooting a lot more rebounds lately. “What’s a rebound?” I hear you ask:

A rebound is a shot in reply to another shot. Rebounds offer a way to follow up and “link” two shots together. For example, a sketch can be rebounded with a finished design, or alternate concepts of a design can be rebounded so there’s a reference trail to follow.

Rebounds can also be purely for fun—what you’re working on doesn’t have to be for work. :) For example, any player can create games or memes allowing other Dribbble players to riff off an initial shot to get their takes on the same idea.

Rebounds have really helped me improve as a designer. Sometimes the hardest part of designing is knowing what to design: rebounds solve this problem. You’re already provided with what to design, all you have to do is create you’re own variation. I really suggest taking part in Playoffs, they can be a lot of fun and it’s really interesting to see what other dribblers come up with.

Not only will you learn new skills and practice old ones but you’ll also increase awareness of the work that you do. I’ve found out about a lot of designers through following the playoffs.

Dribbble Got Me Hired

I also use dribbble as my portfolio. What better place to show off your work than on dribbble where a lot of compaines browse to find designers. Both full-time jobs & most freelancing gigs I’ve had so far have been through dribbble. I doubt I’d be where I am today without it.

Dribbble is also a good place to find decent job positions. Big companies like Facebook, AOL & Microsoft and other smaller companies and agencies post job offers on dribbble Job Board.

If you’re looking for a job, check out Jobs for designers.

Become A Player

Seening as we’re talking about dribbble why not give away 2 invites 0 invite right now! All you have to do is tweet this post and send some of your work to timothy@achumba.com.

The winners of the invites were Aras Atasaygin & Delano Limoen.

To Conclude

Dribbble is a great platform to discover great designs and designers, learn new techniques and skills and share what your working with the world. It has opened a lot of doors for a lot of people. In a way dribbble was directly responsible for making me the designer I am today.

I’d just like to say I appreciate everyone who follows me! I’d also like to thank the guys behind it all!